Carrot Chia Kheer

My Love for south Indian Payasam /Kheer/Rice Pudding is just endless .. this chia carrot kheer is a healthy twist to the Original one, to satisfy the sweet cravings whenever we need, by having nutritional rich food. I Do this quite often with variations to have that twist of Indian flavors in chia pudding.

  • 6tbsp chia seeds
  • ½ – 1 cup of finely Grated carrots (Optional)
  •  2 ½ cup of almond Milk / Coconut Milk or milk of your choice
  • ½- ¾ Cup of jaggrey/ Coconut sugar/Honey /Monk fruit sweetener
  • 3 Tbsp Ghee/ 1tbsp Coconut oil
  • Handful of Cashew and almonds
  • 3-4 cardamom (Optional but adds amazing flavor to the dish)

Soak chia seeds in Almond milk overnight or 4-5 hrs

Add 1 tbsp of oil to the pan then add cardamom and sauté Grated carrots for 5 to 10 mins until the water is evaporated, Then add ½ cup of jaggery and overnight soaked chia seeds to the pan .. add more milk if needed.

Add 2 tbsp of ghee, roast your nuts and mix it with the kheer and enjoy your serving.

Protein Brownie Bites

Do you know whats the best part of these Brownies??super clean, easy to make, flourless, vegan friendly, nutritious and yummm …. This little bite Is a piece of happiness when I am really craving for a clean desert , I make them in batches so I can munch on them when the sugar craving kicks…

The Untapped ⚡️ Energy state(Nutritional ketosis)

Nutritional ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which your body adapts to burning fat over carbohydrates as its primary fuel. Metabolic processes are remarkably versatile in that they can use a variety of dietary energy substrates (carbohydrates, proteins, fats).From a cultural history standpoint, humans have demonstrated the ability to subsist for generations on diets containing up…

Cravings : The Everyday Battles

From using food to fill the space in our stomach, today we all use food to fill the space in our heart ❤️ I am sure no one is exempted from these battles on a daily basis, the fight between your Left (Logical) Brain and the Right (Emotional). We all know how tough these battles can…

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