When two ends of a spectrum meets there is always a Spark a sense of adventure.
#OneEnergyTogether is where Zen meets Spirit. the name is inspired by Yin Yang of circle of life in every aspect including us.

Yeswanth aka #IronMan:

My strenghts are being focused, consistent and persistent in the area I pick, one thing at a time let it be weight loss, strength training , running, biking, reading books, podcasts, Technology.

I am profiled as a Choleric & Melancholy, .

Priya aka #WounderWomen:

My strength are looking for exitement, fun and new activitys to explore and cherish. let it be food, cooking, baking, photography , crossfit, yoga, endurance, DIY, Plants, or being around people.

I am profiled as Sanguine & Phlegmatic .

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