Protein Brownie Bites

Do you know whats the best part of these Brownies??
super clean, easy to make, flourless, vegan friendly, nutritious and yummm ….

This little bite Is a piece of happiness when I am really craving for a clean desert , I make them in batches so I can munch on them when the sugar craving kicks in


3 large ripe bannanas

1 C unsweetened almond butter

2 eggs (flax egg for vegan version)

1/4 C Cacao powder

1/4 C Pure maple syrup

1tsp vanilla Extract

1tsp Banking soda

2 scoops Plant Protein Powder

Method :

Pre heat the oven at 350 F

Mush the bananas , then mix all wet ingredients and add all dry ingredients, mix well and bake at 350F for 30 TO 35 mins

enjoy the Yummylicious warm brownies

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