To Be a Life-Enricher

I read in a book that there are three kinds of people in the world.  “Well-Poisoners”, who always criticize the efforts and ideas of others. “Lawn-movers”, who are good citizens who go to work, pay their taxes, and maintain their homes but never venture beyond their yards to help others and “Life-enrichers”, who reach out to enrich and uplift the lives of others through helpful deeds or encouraging words by giving hope and confidence.

My goal is to be a life-enricher. help people to help themselves to reach their goals and dreams.

I am working and learning everyday on how can I serve and share what was given to me. All my life I have seen my mom as a life-enricher, always kept people interests before by serving without expecting anything, I didn’t know the value then but today I admire her for what she does, Even till date by always helping and encouraging people, saying ” you can do anything in life , It is Possible “.

Life do have changes, my life started changing from 2016 because of these “Life – enrichers”, when I was new to industry and working in Wall st, for good pay at 22, A colleague with no financial gain said you are worth more than what you get paid, don’t let someone define your worth and in next 6 months I increased income by 50% and kept striving to be the best at what I do!

When I was drifting all over partying, watching web series and youtube in all my free time. the same Life enricher said why are you wasting your time, why don’t you teach other people what you are good at, Then my first attempt of being a self employed took place by having my own entity ..teaching students and doing Bootcamps.

When I felt lost with no direction of how to loose weight at 250pounds, again people showed up giving hand to pull up and encourage me, which lead to everything I am today… again Life enrichers.

And it continued…. from my first race, to my business, to my first adventure and many more

After taking in so much help from everyone shaping me who I am today, one fine day in 2018 my mentor Ganesh said you have a story to share and inspire don’t keep it to yourself, blog it. it will help thousands of people across world.

Thats when I realized I have a responsibility to be a Life-enricher myself. to play the same role in many peoples life, either to inspire motivate or at least make them feel “if a guy like yeswanth can do I can easily do it.”

That’s what made me start this blog, from being inactive to being active on social media and today even share my story on YouTube and to create the Group #OneEnergyTogether a platform to share and bring people together with similar goals and mindset who want more in life.!!

We are living in a social media world with a super computer in our hand… most of us don’t know the power we have, with the world at our footsteps to learn anything we want at almost free of cost and power to reach everyone in the world standing where you are right now.

Its no longer “Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge “.

I believe none of us are using it the right way !! rather using it as a tool to help us grow and make an impact , we are being used by it to generate revenue.

for most people what I do don’t make sense or stupid or may feel even self centered, for me its more like a responsibility and I keep making habits to get better at it.

I experienced that !!! “the messages I get in social media saying thank you for sharing your journey because of you I did my first 5k, I lost weight is more meaningful than the $10k raise I get at job.”

I encourage everyone to first thank the life Enrichers in your present life, send a personal message saying thank you. we all know without them we don’t exist and now start working on becoming life enricher in someone’s life.

How Can I start ?

The 3A’s:

  • Action is key to everything, you saying all the best, thank you, good morning also matters, so start today, start small but start.
  • Action can not happen without the Right Attitude, start focusing on the Right Positive mental attitude (PMA), you can get this by changing your lens of world. walking away from negative news , criticism and by reading books listening to podcasts, meditating.
  • The best way to build attitude is by being in the right Atmosphere, you are always an average of 5 people whom you surround yourself with. start seeking such people, see how you can be a part of such associations.

The right Atmosphere build the right attitude which leads to the right actions.

Writing this is not about preaching to someone but to myself. sharing the notes I learned from my mentors and the books I read , even if it triggers one individual to send a thank you message or do a kind act to someone I believe I get once step closer to become a life enricher.

Things which helped me:

Goal Setting – writing my goals on paper and having a dream board helped me tremendously to have a purpose and a destination in life.

Declutter your social media – Unfollow anyone who is not adding value, promoting healthy habits, relationship, family values and showing PMA.

Write Journal – 5minute journal what I use but you have tons of options to write what you are grateful for, things you want to do today and daily affirmation !!.

Adding value – your personal message, phone call, social media status, post, blog article, youtube video can be a positive message for many people.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

The Golden Rule

Educate – Learn , learn and learn. get good at you passion, remember you know nothing no matter how much you learn be humble and invest time and money to educate through books, workshops, podcasts, coaches and mentors.

Associate – Find a group who are uplifting, optimistic and dreamers who have a purpose and know where they are going in life and become one.

Remember everything we do matter, we all have a purpose and a role to play !!

2 thoughts on “To Be a Life-Enricher

    1. Sai Nitin

      Great Article Yashu ❤️
      You have been a life enricher for me and Datta personally.
      You did help us in believe that yeah through structured work great things can be done! ❤️🌟
      Lots of love to you! And you are surely ginna go places ❤️🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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