Happy Money

ありがと (Arigato)🤗

I am sharing many values which I believe and learned about money and what it should mean to us, I will share a concept, a question everyone can ask themselves by looking at the wallet“Is my money smiling ?”

it gives us a paradigm shift in understanding the idea of Happy Money (money which has flown through us through positive experiences like the job we love to do, a happy customer who bought our product or a service, a gift ) and Sad Money ( money from the activities you hate doing or uninterested like most 9~5 jobs )

What does money mean to you? 🤔

I have learned from my coaches and reading several books that money is a resource which should help us to live a life like food, sunlight but most of us become a resource to it; do you use money or money uses you?

the meaning of money is different for everyone, money can be seen as energy which flows through all of us and nature which is neutral by nature, you are the one who decides either its good or bad from the experiences and habits and goes deep to where these habits and perspectives originate (mostly from your childhood and closest circle i.e parents, family, friends)

Money IQ & Money EQ 😇

the fundamental idea which most of us are not aware until you learn through someone or experiences, we all chase the money with the idea of searching for means to make more $$ by increasing our IQ by pursuing better jobs, higher education, skillsets, investments but forgetting it’s not the Content (amount of money) but the Context (what it means to you) which gives happiness and satisfaction in life.

The Stack & The Flow 💵🧰

let’s understand the idea between the stack (the financial assets you have stocks, real estate, cash, assets ) and the flow (a job, a business, an ROI of the asset ). the stack defined as net worth, “ sum of your assets ”, most people start chasing it to keep piling money but not focusing on creating a cashflow through an act, which you love doing the Flow. the Stack may make you feel good temporary but it’s not a source to happiness. find a flow that gives you joy, which doesn’t feel like a job but a vehicle to your destiny, your WHY !. find a mentor your GPS who can guide, coach and correct you through the journey to build up the stack not to feel rich but to have CHOICES!

Come out of the Money Game 🏃🏻‍♂️
we know we are progressing in life only we can compare it with a reference point, but most of us do the mistake of comparing with other people which can never make you feel good because there is always someone better than you, there is no perfection only progression in life, instead, start comparing with the person in the mirror YOU, ask yourself are you better than yesterday?
the day you are happy about where you are and stop living for others, you are out of money game.

The 5 steps to Happy Money 💸
1. Shift out of scarcity mindset, chase abundant mindset (opportunities, kindness, service)
2. Forgive and heal your money wounds (make peace with past)
3. Discover your flow which gives you joy (a source to happy money)
4. Trust life (trust in yourself, people and the flow you choose)
5. Say ありがと (Arigato) — Thank you for everything in the life the money which flows in and which flows out, a flow of gratitude.

when you are on death bed none of us check our bank balance, what we own is not the most important part of life but the people and relationships are, chase legacy, chase experiences, memories, value, and the money follows you as a byproduct. you get what you give

Arigato — Thank you 🙂
Yeswanth Kanumuri

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